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more about the spit personality release party

spit personality release night at depot

Spit Personality release night

It's been a long road for Juz Kiddin, but december 19th 2008 he will finally be able to present you the work of lifetime. His debut solo album contains 38 songs and will be entitled Spit Personality. "I had to do a double album because I want to keep on making new material and I'm stuck there in the studio with over 100 songs done already. So I have to get this out to the people" Kiddin says. On the album he works together with New York legends Agallah The Don Bishop from the Diplomats/ Purple City Birdgang & Solomon Childs from Theodore Unit who's also an official Wu Tang Killa Bee. The first single of the album will be Mic Drivers, where he teams up with AKRO part of the belgian legendary group Starflam. Other mc's he's working with are Mesidge [Cali, USA], Revalation, Mr Harvey & C Stacks [Boston, USA], Jay Dominic, Baeck, Jolene, No Regretz and ofcourse Riot Squad all from his hometown Louvain, Belgium. So you can expect a lot variety on this 2-disc album containing tracks going from underground based hip hop, to the old skool flavors and straight back to the clubs now. "Next to that there are a lot of deep songs on the album. What I like most about writing is to sit down and face your problems. Looking for the confrontation with yourself. When I write these songs it's like I feel stronger again afterwards" Kiddin explains. The release party will go down at Het Depot near the station of Louvain. AKRO from Starflam will do Juz his pre-show the night of the event december 19th. You can also expect a turntablist showcase from Louvain's finest the Killa Tactics. All of Louvain's hip hop dj's will play at the afterparty. DJ Dysfunkshunal, DJ Damented, DJ Logiq, DJ Boety, DJ Cause, DJ Ulterior, Mr Pokerface & DJ Rakkalicious will make sure the dansers can go all wild.

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