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Juz teams up with a lot of guest artist on the album. The main reason for that was to bring diversity. He collaborates with Aggallah The Don Bishop, Solomon Childs [Wu Tang Killa Bee], AKRO [Starflam], C Stacks, Mr Harvey, Mesidge, Revalation, Iris Luypaers, Riot Squad, No Regretz, Jay Dominic, Baeck & Jolene. [read more]

Juz Kiddin' is Dead Seriuz

Two identities

The name Juz Kiddin came on an accidental way. About 5 years ago Kaye Styles was hosting a party @ Decadence, Ghent while the entire Riot Squad crew was present. Kiddin, who was always operating in the background didn’t really have an artist name at that point. When Styles began shouting his crew he asked Juz for his name… Juz responded with a name that he doesn’t remember but he added immediately “nah, man… I’m just kidding, I don’t have a name”. Kaye Styles only understood “just kidding” due to all the noise at the party so he just shouted “Just Kiddin in the building”. And that’s where it all started… Later Kiddin added the name Dead Seriuz to it because not everything he wanted to do with his music has always to do with the happy side of life. There’s also a darker side to some things… With those two names you can rap about everything, from the happy moments to the sad ones, from the positive things to the negative things and so on… So you can describe it as Juz Kiddin aka Dead Seriuz is sort of like the Ying & Yang.

Juz Kiddin Biography

Throughout the years, Juz Kiddin’ established himself as a household name in the Belgian Rap/Hip Hop community.
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Biography: Juz Kiddin’ aka Dead Seriuz Throughout the years, Juz Kiddin’ established himself as a household name in the Belgian Rap/Hip Hop community. He joined the Riot Squad collective back in 2001. From that moment, he always kept working hard on his rappin’ and producing skills. He lost many peoples he loved over this rap addiction, but he kept on doin’ what he was ment to do… make music for the people.

“Wether it rains or the sun shines, somebody dies or a new baby is being born, you just get to know a girl or you lose the one you love, you want to party or just want sit back in the couch at home … there’s music for each one of those moments. Life is one big emotional field, music is a way to make others feel what you go through on that field. So I don’t talk, I do music and walk with my eyes closed right through it” Kiddin’ says.

In 2006, he and RicKey Beatz founded BloomBury Productions. This was the start of something great, something that was supposed to be bigger than hip hop.

And it turned out that way, BloomBury became more of a movement instead of just being a production company. BloomBury stands for power, struggle and persistence. The BloomBury fist became a symbol for that… In life, just put ya fist up! Don’t let nobody tell you what to do. Just do you.

In 2007, they released a compilation album with rappers from their hometown, Louvain. That’s why the album was simply entitled L.O.U.V.A.I.N. The title is an acronym for Locked On Unity: Various Artists Introducing Notoriety. Kiddin’ participated on almost every track. To him it was like his introduction to the game.
More info about this here.

For now, just enjoy the music on his myspace.